Dear guests!
Thank you for visiting our coffee and ice cream parlour. We hope you will spend unforgettable moments in GHIACCI. The unique delicacies and heavenly desserts made
of the best Italian ice cream, carefully selected fruit and the highest quality
of organic garnishing, have been prepared for you. We love ice cream therefore
we have decided to make them out of the best ingredients. As we strive after
perfection we choose what is really best all over the world. We deeply believe
that our coffee and ice cream parlour will achieve fame for the masterpieces
of our ice cream masters passionate ice cream culinary art frozen in their
ice cream compositions. For this reason we may offer you pistachio-flavoured
ice cream with pistachio nuts that come from absolutely the best
Sicilian plantations of  Bronte region. You may also find the one
and only flavour of Piemont hazelnuts in our ice cream. Our ice cream
are prepared on the basis of cane sugar. We offer gluten-free
ice cream as well. Our goal is achieving perfection for this reason
we hope that after tasting ice cream, desserts, coffee and tea
in GHIACCI you will consider our efforts weren’t worthless
and the time you have spent here will let you get away
from the everyday life and allow you for a few moments of luxury.
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